What does one tick mean on whatsapp ✔

What does one tick mean on whatsapp ✔

We are more and more people who use our Whatsapp as one of the main means to communicate with our family and friends.
For many the use of Whatsapp can be somewhat complicated in the beginning, especially if we do not have much experience with technology. One of the questions that thousands are asking is:

What does one tick mean on whatsapp?

The answer is very simple, it turns out that now when we send a message and comes double tick, the moment the person sees it, the two checks change color, stop being green and become blue ticks.

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Then, one tick now means you sent it, two ticks that the other person received it (not necessarily who read it) and two blue ticks that the person read it ..

So those who deactivated the last hour of connection, so that they did not know when they read a message and thus be able to afford not to respond, the ‘trick’ is over -yes, it’s personal and yes, you know who they are-.

In the official Whatsapp website they explain us the following:

Check marks will appear next to each message you send. Here is what each one indicates:

  •  message successfully sent.

  •  message successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone.

  •  the recipient has read your message.

So you know what happens when you see a single tick when sending a message from whatsapp.

Another option posted in https://www.quora.com  maybe:

«1) You are having a bad internet connection.

Do one thing. Try texting some other contact.

If the same problem comes up, then try connecting to a secure and strong connection.

Still if the problem comes up then, you need to uninstall your app and then reinstall it or check for updates.( I did this, worked for me.)

2. The receiver has a weak internet connection.

It happens many times that if we are having a weak connection then our online/last seen feature Freezes.

So, don’t worry, as soon as He/She gets a strong connection, you will get a reply.

And if you are too worried, One thing you an try anytime.
Call the person and talk. «

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