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Watch «How to Get Away with Murderer Season 4» Online Free

Today we show you the best way to watch how to get away with murderer online free using our mobile phone or our computer, but before we see an interesting review of this famous tv serie (if you don’t want to see this review we recommend you go to the end of the article).

ABC, SONY, AXN Channel is soon to premiere the third season of the series How To Get Away With Murderer. After an exciting end to the season with the mysterious death of Wallace Mahoney’s alleged father, the routine of Annalise and her five star students can take an even bigger turn.

In the first episode entitled «We’re Good People Now» – Wes, Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Asher come into their second year of law school and meet a novelty: Professor Keating’s reputation is no longer the same. Between an important decision about Frank that can change the whole course of history and trying to get his life back on track, Annalise decides to create a criminal law lab where students can compete to win their cases.

How to Get Away with Murderer Cast

In addition to Viola Davis, the series features Billy Brown (Nate), Alfred Enoch (Wes Gibbins), Jack Falahee (Connor Walsh), Aja Naomi King (Michaela Pratt), Matt McGorry (Asher Millstone), Karla Souza (Laurel Castillo), Charlie Weber (Frank Delfino) and Liza Weil (Bonnie Winterbottom).

The series was created by Pete Nowalk, who is also executive producer with Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and Bill D’ Elia.

How to Get Away with Murderer Season 4 Chapter 3 Recap: «It’s for the Greater Good»

How to Get Away with Murderer season 4

A new week we have an episode of How to Get Away with Murder, directed by Nicole Rubio (Grey’s Anatomy, Sleeper Cell).

Keating 4

Last week’s news that Laurel’s father killed Wes doesn’t suit Michaela at all. Especially that part of the plan to risk his new job at Caplan & Gold for getting information to go up against him. He’s doing great there, but he has to put up with Simon down the hall. At least it has attracted the attention of Teagan, one of the partners, who is betting on it in a kind of competition between scholarship holders on facts and curiosities of the firm. The winner gets his or her respect, a huge bottle of champagne and the chance to choose which partner he or she wants to work with.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: It’s for the Greater Good

Michaela goes far and ends up facing Simon, who is overcome with Laurel’s involuntary help and one of the facts he gave about his father. With her award, she chooses to work for Teagan, and we soon discover that she is the one who takes care of Antares’ affairs (Laurel’s father’s company). Yeah, looks like it’s gonna help her with Wes’ murder, eventually. And maybe it’s because he’s starting to have proof: the day Wes died, his father’s private jet landed in Philadelphia. Coincidence? No.

For her part, and after learning that Bonnie works for prosecutor Denver (whom, we remember, she blackmailed «a little»), Laurel decides to go and ask him to work there. Removing Michaela, the rest of Keating 4 has a few notes that make it sad to see (and Laurel also has the pregnancy in between, which says she’s a child). Bonnie refuses, but rectifies during the episode and Laurel ends up there making photocopies (thanks to Frank, who now live together and everything).

Frank, in fact, tries to pass his bar exams while others decide to give it all up: Connor, after his unsuccessful stint with the law firms last week, gives up. He spends the day in bars tipping strippers and asking people to respect their life choices. And Oliver, who cares about him, takes matters into his own hands and brings him to his parents (yes, father and father). And they don’t seem happy with these latest decisions.

Annalise Keating

In this chapter, Annalise gives a radical change to her professional career (for now). It seems that he liked helping his former cellmate, Jasmine, rather than focusing on cases of rich people like the past seasons (it may also be because of his now disgraceful reputation). For all these reasons, she volunteered to lend a hand as a public defender, where she met her new boss, Virginia, who asked her about her progress with mystery water. And he’s doing well, even if he gets assaulted occasionally, asking for samples in the halls.

His new case is that of Ben Carter (Rene Moran), a gang member who is in jail for the alleged murder of his wife, Kim, and whose face covered in tattoos does not help the defense at all. He insists that Kim jumped out of a window by herself, that he didn’t push her. Ante Annalise – and the tape recorder app for her cell phone – admits that they argued that day because Ben discovered that her daughter, Madison (Malia Pyles), wasn’t really hers. With the new information, Keating quickly decides to delete the recording from his phone.

But this is how to defend a murderer. At one point, Oliver shows up at the prosecutor’s office to hand out cards from his new computer company, and suffers a small cut by Nate about possible hacking into that same office. Nate and Bonnie, both very spiteful, convince Oliver to hack into his former boss (based on reminding him that he didn’t even have the detail of formally firing him) and that Annalise recording, of course, sees the light of day in the trial. Although that doesn’t prove anything either. But Keating almost got his hands on both of them.

Incidentally, the trial plot is paused when Annalise is called from the morgue to ask her to recognize a body: that of Jasmine, who died of an overdose. And, avoiding falling into the water with mystery again, the lawyer ends up ringing her psychiatrist Isaac’s bell to return to the place where she lives and find a mysterious envelope at her door. It’s usually Frank’s thing, the scout, but not this time. And the envelope is nothing more and nothing less than a recording that clarifies Kim’s death: and how she threw herself into the void.

Frank does help, of course, to find out how that envelope got to his door. It turns out it was up to her boss Virginia, who can see that she missed it in her day when she tried Ben’s defense (due to lack of time). Annalise’s play at the trial is, however, controversial. Instead of presenting the definitive evidence that exonerates Ben without further ado, he calls on Virginia to testify, all in order to expose the lack of resources of his office and denounce him in high places. For this, he leaves the professionalism of his boss, who spits on him and everything else, fatal and forever marked. But whatever it is, he says, for the greater good.


Finally, again we see another piece of flash-forward at a future time full of blood and screams. This time we see Isaac meeting Michaela at the hospital where Laurel is, staring blankly, asking if anyone is dead, on the other side of the glass in the maternity ward. Her dress is stained with blood. That’s too bad.

In short

The worst thing: Listen, what a pity about Jasmine really is that no one is going to finish well or what.
The best part: This episode has had a very good thing and it has shown that no matter how much our protagonists want to be separated THERE IS NO WAY.
TOP moment: Asher thinking about getting into stripper. Why not. Why not?

How to watch «How to Get Away with Murderer» online for free

We have 2 different options to achieve this:

1. Netflix

The first is to create a Netflix account, as we can easily see all seasons of this fabulous TV series, here is the official link to Netflix


Many people are looking for a free alternative to watch » How to Get Away with Murderer online» and although we are not responsible for using the following method, it is one of the most effective ways to watch this interesting series in HD quality and totally free.
For them we have to enter the following link:

How to watch «How to Get Away with Murderer» online for free

Once there we choose the season and the episode we want to watch for free.
The page will ask us to download a program called TORRENTSTIME, after downloading and installing it we will be able to access the series, and it depends on our connection to the Internet the speed and stability with which you load the episode, obviously the higher the Internet speed we have, the better quality of film we will get and the loading time will be greatly reduced.

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